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  • The Krapf Family

    Congregation Bnai Brith Jacob has been our family's spiritual home for six generations. Every significant milestone, from bris to bar mitzvah to wedding, has been celebrated within its walls. We honor our ancestors by continuing their legacy—my son now sits in my father's seat, and I am in my grandfather's. This continuity brings us immense comfort in a world of constant change. Our synagogue is our sanctuary, our haven. Whether in times of joy or sorrow, B’nai Brith Jacob forms the heart of our community, around which everything else revolves.

  • Avrohom & Chana Kramer

    For over 30 years, we've been proud members of BBJ, following in the footsteps of generations before us, dating back to the late 1800s. Our most significant life events, from marriage to family celebrations, have been centered around this synagogue. We've held leadership positions, from congregation President to Sisterhood President, and participated in various educational programs offered by the synagogue, including Daf Yomi and Rabbi's classes for women. BBJ provides ample opportunities for social engagement, from holiday celebrations to dinners and gatherings with friends. We're grateful for our world-class Rabbi and cannot imagine life without being part of what many consider the "Greatest shul on the face of the earth!"

  • Shlomo Yalon

    What a Great community! Thank you very much for your hospitality And definitely every time I am passing Savannah I know where I am stopping! HaShem will bless and protect this amazing community! 😘😘😘 …

  • Melinda Hof

    The epitome of Southern Jewish hospitality!!

  • avshalom baskin

    Best experience ever

  • Ray L.

    What a great synagogue I was driving down from jersey to Florida and stopped in savannah for the night making me able to pray in this beautiful synagogue that I heard hasn’t missed a minyan in over one hundred years which is incredible after shaharit almost the whole shul lines up to greet us it was so beautiful they have a minyan Mincha arbit one after the next which too was very helpful if your passing savanna Georgia you must stop in this beautiful shul for a minyan

  • David Sultan

    Beautiful old shul with a warm welcoming community. I had a great visit to Savannah and I loved attending the shul for daily prayer services.

  • Malka Nusbaum

    Beautiful shul and a ton of history! The people in this congregation are super nice. It is a must stop!

  • Steven hirsch

    I grew up in this synagogue. It is home and the synagogue I feel the most comfortable at. It is full service and has everything Jewish from A to Z.

  • Moshe Soberman

    One of The Most Special Communities and Synagogues I've ever been To Anywhere