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Rabbi Avigdor Slatus

Rabbi Avigdor Slatus, who has been serving as spiritual leader of the Bnai Brith Jacob Synagogue in Savannah, Georgia, since 1981, was born in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Brooklyn College and graduated from and was ordained at the Mirrer Yeshiva Rabbinical College.

In 1974, Rabbi Slatus served as one of the deans of the St. Louis Rabbinical College and lectured there on various topics such as Advance and In Depth Analysis of the Talmud and Bible appreciation.

While in St. Louis, Rabbi Slatus met the young lady who would become his wife. Rochel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. The Rabbi and Rochel married in 1974 and moved back to New York where Rabbi Slatus offered In Depth Talmudic lectures at the Mirrer Yeshiva Rabbinical College. He also joined the faculty of Prospect Park High School where he taught Bible Appreciation as well as Proverbs.

In 1977, he directed a group of Rabbinical students and coordinated a “Seed” project to Panama City, Panama. There he lectured on various topics related to Judaism and assisted in the formation of the Yeshiva Day School of Panama.

Rabbi Slatus presently offers many classes which are attended regularly at the Bnai Brith Jacob Synagogue. These classes are received warmly and the attendance for the “Rabbi’s Seminar” averages 50-60 people every Monday night.

He is frequently asked to appear as guest lecturer at such renowned organizations as Tora Umesora, Congregation Beth Tora and the Orthodox Union. Rabbi Slatus was the guest speaker at the Lincolnwood Kollel dinner in January and has recently been selected as the recipient of the famed “Harbotzas Tora Award” at the Mirrer Yeshiva Rabbinical College.

Rabbi Slatus has inspired his Community to a new level of Torah appreciation through various classes, shiurim and lectures. In depth shiurim in Gemarah, Chumash, Halacha as well as beginners programs for those who have never experienced authentic Torah education.

In 1981, when Rabbi Slatus came to Savannah, the Day School had a total of twenty-nine students from first through eighth grade. Through many hours of painstaking effort, the Torah Umessorah Day School now boasts of a student body of nearly one hundred students. Rabbi Slatus has introduced a Kollel to Savannah which presents Torah classes on a variety of topics and issues for the entire Community.

His influence has been a driving force to uphold and elevate the Jewish Community while increasing attendance in Torah study.

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